Stone The Crows Beer Spirit 70cl


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Beer Spirit  - Made from Stone the Crows, this spirit is smooth and peppery with hints of caramel,vanilla and a long malty finish.



41 %abv 


The Beer Barrel Distillery Co. owned by Tim Massey and David Goldingay, friends who have been in the beer industry for over 40 years. The idea was talked about many times and just wouldn’t go away; could we take the distinctive qualities of a craft beer and distil into a new beer spirit? So, in 2015 David set about designing and building their own unique still. A still that creates a particularly pure spirit retaining characteristics of the original beer and the wood used.

When Tim suggested turning a Lymestone Beer into a spirit, we thought ‘why not’!


Spirit distilled and bottled by The Beer Barrel Distillery Co. 

Original beer brewed by Lymestone Brewery